Regions form the beating heart of the organisation - ensuring the work we do with the grassroots is effective and meaningful. ISOCs will fall within each regional constituency and this then allows the region to offer direct services and support throughout the year to members.


The capital city of England - home to Buckingham Palace, the Queen... and the FOSIS Office!

London boasts the largest ISOC constituency with around 30 Islamic Societies based there, including long established college ISOCs.

The region has a real diverse ISOC base pushing out leading charity and welfare projects.


There is a reason why they call it Midlands Shareef...

Arguably, the loudest region with some of the oldest ISOCs in the country.

The Midlands, due to their great location and easy access, have hosted A LOT of national conferences over the years.

Birmingham, situated within the heart of the region, was also the city in which FOSIS was founded - so this region will always have a special place in the FOSIS family.


The Great North.

With Manchester hosting Malcolm X at the 1964 FOSIS Conference, the North have been a real platform for Muslim student thinking.

They recently hosted the first Muslim student Olympics in the region - bringing together Northerners far and wide.

Some of the great cities that fall within the North region include Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and York.


If you ever want to see some of the most beautiful cities in the UK, then you'd not go far wrong by visiting the South.

With the largest geographical area between ISOCs, doing a visit probably deserves a medal in itself!

From Cornwall to Brighton to Kent - easily 300 miles - FOSIS South support some of the smallest, but most passionate, Muslim student communities in the UK.

and West

This is the only FOSIS region that goes across two countries, bringing the Welsh and English together in a corner of the UK.

Despite being most associated with fire breathing dragons (and sheep!), the Wales and West bunch are extremely welcoming and some of the nicest people you'll meet on the student scene.

This region has seen the launch some of the best campaigns in FOSIS, such as Wake up 4 Fajr, that were then taken up nationally by the rest of the organisation.

It also famously held one of the most memorable FOSIS Annual Conference in recent history - the 48th annual conference in 2011.


Bonnie Scotland.

With some of the most beautiful landscapes, there is a reason why the Scots are always smiling.

Despite having to travel great lengths for national events, the Scots managed to secure a historic win to host Winter conference in 2015 - with Irn Bru and kilts included!


The Emerald Isle.

More than just a region, Ireland is an independent country.

FOSIS Ireland and the team there show the rest of us the great power of Irish Muslim students.

With the epic FIGO annual camp now in its 7th year, the region have been committed to shaping their community for the long term and continue to grow from strength to strength.