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28th October 2019

Statement Regarding The Sunday Times Article

We at FOSIS are extremely concerned by the gross misrepresentation of FOSIS by the press, specifically The Sunday Times, referring to our activities being associated to violent terrorism through language such as ‘”grooming camps” for would-be jihadists’. It should be known by now that FOSIS condemns groups or individuals who promote or participate in such heinous acts that result in the loss of innocent lives.

We, as an organisation, ensure that our activities are centred around ideas of active citizenship and civil engagement of our membership. This has been proudly promoted throughout all our activities such as Believe And Do Good (BADG), and will continue to do so, to allow members of our student community to be positive contributors and role models in society.
It is however, very disheartening to read such blatant mischaracterisation of our work and ethos which will only further perpetuate demonisation and worryingly, lead to greater islamophobia our community would be subjected to.

We live in an ever-growing diverse society with shared values of peace, equality and understanding. These values and dialogue allow for a more tolerant and plural society. This is why we encourage dialogue and open conversation with anyone who would like to know and understand more about the work we do at FOSIS.