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12th September 2018

‘Re/presenting Islam on Campus’ Study Findings

FOSIS responds to the finds of a study conducted by SOAS Professor Alison Scott-Baumann, Professor of Society & Belief, entitled ‘Re/presenting Islam on Campus’. Whilst the study is still ongoing, findings include Muslim students not feeling supported, feeling that they are being watched and that they are objects of suspicion.

We at FOSIS are not at all surprised by the results of Professor Scott-Baumann’s research. The problems that the Prevent Duty poses are far reaching and impact scores of Muslim students both directly and indirectly. Muslim students feel targeted and under the microscope; they sense that they’re treated more as suspects than students and fear that outward display of their religion or criticisms of British foreign policy in the Muslim world can lead to trouble.

FOSIS reiterates its stance against the failing Prevent Duty and we call for it to be scrapped immediately and replaced with a policy that puts the Muslim community at the heart of discussions relating to counter terrorism allowing the community to take the lead.