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27th May 2017

Ramadan Kareem

As we mark the beginning of Ramadan, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.

This month marks a time of spirituality for Muslim students. Muslims across the globe will be utilizing this month as an opportunity to develop themselves spiritually as individuals and members of wider society.

To mark this blessed month, President Zara Mohammed said, “The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for Muslim students to engage collectively in work which both strengthens and unites all of society together. During this month, whilst we break bread with our communities, it is important to reflect and remember those among us who are unable to share this occasion with their families.”

This year, Ramadan also overlaps the exam period. In preparation for this, FOSIS has issued a Ramadan guidance pack to all universities which will act as a reference point for institutions on how they can fully support Muslim students.

Despite Ramadan also falling in the summer vacation for many, the work of Islamic societies will carry on, with many ISOCs across the country opening their doors, providing daily meals on their campuses for students and wider community alike.

Mohammed also further added, “I would encourage and invite everyone to join their local ISOCs  and mosques, whose experience we will be sharing in celebration of this blessed month.”



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