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22nd January 2019

Independent Review of The Prevent Policy

We at FOSIS are encouraged to hear that there will be an independent review of the government’s Prevent duty. However, we are also very cautious of the announcement made by the security minister, Ben Wallace, as we continue to fight for the complete abolition of Prevent as a failed strategy as part of the government’s counter terrorism policy.

Very soon after the announcement of an independent review of the Prevent duty by the security minister, Ben Wallace, our Vice President of Student affairs, Akiqul Hoque said:

“The prevent policy has been divisive, toxic and discriminatory on campuses, particularly for Islamic societies who have unjustly had harsher sanctions and security measures enforced on them in comparison to other groups in the Student community when organising events and running initiatives within their universities. This has not only made Muslim students feel like criminals in their own campuses, it has allowed the festering of suspicion around the Muslim student community but more worryingly, it has led to the development of irrational fear among Muslim students, preventing them from engaging in political activism on a student and community level.”

We at FOSIS will continue to advocate for Prevent to be scrapped in its entirety. It’s lack of credibility and ineffectiveness is shown from the letter signed by 120 academics highlighting its failure on campuses and the rejection of the policy amongst many student groups. University campuses should allow the growth and development of every community and individuals regardless of faith or belief. It is not a space to police thought nor is it a place where students are made to feel like suspects.


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