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20th March 2017

Historic Mental Health Conference

Students gathered from across the UK and Ireland for a unique conference titled “Remove the Label.” In the first of its kind, the conference aimed at raising awareness around the stigma and misunderstandings of mental health in the Muslim community.

FOSIS’ ‘Remove the Label’ saw an attendance of over 160 students from all over the country. The conference welcomed a wide range of guest speakers including Prof Nasser Abdelmawla Manafi, Sheikh Abdul Hameed Ismail, Dr June Jones, Rev. Alison Grey, Imam Ben Ahmed, Henriette Szovati and Dr Ahmed Hankir.

Sayem Chowdhury, Head of Campaigns at FOSIS, praised the success of the conference “This conference is historic not only because it is a first for FOSIS, but because of the opportunity it has created for us to make a change. The amount of support that has poured in is phenomenal and I am extremely proud of everyone that contributed.”

The audience were also given the opportunity of engaging through a variety of workshops given by the professionals. Key themes such as faith-based solutions to tackling mental health and tackling the of mental health were discussed.

Guest speaker, Dr Ahmed Hankir said, “It is highly commendable from FOSIS to give this platform to the substantial Muslim student community. This inspirational event is the first of its kind as far as I’m aware. Hopefully, this will be the start of a ripple effect that will encourage students to be proactive, to take action as opposed to apathy and to listen and reach out.”

Concluding the conference, Chowdhury stated, “There is a moral and religious obligation upon us to speak out and remove the stigma around mental health. We, as students, need to be leading the change. Islamic societies now more than ever have to deal with issues around student welfare and incredibly these are mental health issues.”



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