My isoc

Islamic Societies work directly with FOSIS for services, support and representation on a national level - with FOSIS providing the tools to support the development of your ISOC


ISOC 101 training is part of our year long development and support for your ISOC.

These training workshops combine the best practice of ISOCs as well as the fundamentals of having an effective team for the best ISOC year.

We have a range of trainings from vision to committee management to student affairs.

ISOC 101 is there to help ISOCs understand the importance of their role on campus.

Speaker tours

FOSIS offers countless opportunities for Muslim students to learn from the best academics and scholars from across the world.

These tours are designed for raising awareness, helping spiritual growth and facilitating healthy discussion and debate.

Your ISOC will get access to our nationwide speaker tours - especially during Freshers and Discover Islam Week.


At our Winter and Annual Conferences, we recognise the hard work your ISOC has done for the Muslim student community.

We showcasing the best projects and award outstanding achievements to reward those who have excelled and inspire others to grow and evolve.