Mind Over Chatter

FOSIS Mind Over Chatter campaign is here to provide a platform for discussion on mental health and equipping ISOCs with tools and resources of their own. Share your personal experiences so that others can understand the picture. You may have looked after a family member, experienced depression or anxiety yourself, or have tips you've learnt from others that can improve one's mental health well being. We can share your experiences on our Mind Over Chatter blog for others to benefit from. Alternatively, you can also choose to submit anonymously using an anonymous tag name.



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25th February 2019

Emotional Intelligence Webinar

The ability to recognise, understand and manage both your own emotions and the emotions of those around you is vital.

So what can you expect from this online webinar?

✚ Connections between self-awareness, empathy and social skills
✚ How to identify, understand and manage emotions
✚ An (anonymous option) Q & A segment
✚ Professional advice
✚ Practical tips you can take away and much more!