Meet The Committee

Elected to serve Muslim students across the UK & Ireland, our National Executive Committee works hard to ensure you get the best support all year around. Made up of a diverse range of students, they are the cream of the crop who are all enthusiasts for change.

Ijlal Khalid


Ijlal’s journey with ISocs and the Muslim student space began 6 years ago and has seen him hold the VP and President positions at Sussex ISoc, as well as being involved in FOSIS since the past 4 years. Joining first in the FOSIS South regional team, he then led the region as Chair and most recently, before taking on FOSIS Presidency, served as VP HE. Ijlal graduated from the University of Sussex with a Bachelor’s in International Relations & Development Studies, a Master’s in Global Political Economy and is currently working towards a Master’s in Islamic Studies. Ijlal was also involved in his Students’ Union where he was a Sabbatical Officer from 2019-2021. Ijlal is committed to transforming the Muslim student space, ensuring FOSIS is at the forefront of leading Muslim Student development and affairs, standing tall for the Deen, furthering the mission of establishing the Deen in society and enriching the lives of students through the words of Allah swt and the example of the Prophet (saw). While Ijlal believes it has its pros and cons, he embodies his Debater personality type quite thoroughly, so is always up for a thought-provoking discussion.

AbdulRahman Mahamoud

Vice President Higher Education
AbdulRahman Mahamoud is currently the FOSIS VP Higher Education (HE). He graduated from the University of East London with a degree in engineering and was the ISoc President at UEL. Soon after, he joined the FOSIS London team as a FOSIS rep being assigned a number of ISocs to work with. Proceeding this, he joined the HE team in FOSIS as a Project Officer, supporting with the different strands of work going on. In his current FOSIS role, the departmental aim is to continue supporting and strengthening regional teams across the nation to develop and support their ISocs.

Samiul Hussain

Vice President Further Education

Muna Ali

Vice President Student Affairs
Muna - VP Student Affairs
Muna is a graduate in Economics with International Relations from Kingston University. She has been involved in political activism in her last year as a sabbatical officer for the Students Union from 2019 – 2021 and within the Student Affairs Committee of FOSIS. Muna is the Vice President of Student Affairs which means she overlooks political issues pertaining to Muslim Students and provides support and guidance against institutional issues arising on campuses to do with university structures and Students’ Unions. Through this role, she hopes to strengthen and amplify the Muslim student voice and to be proactive in speaking out against the issues that face the Muslim student community. In her spare time she enjoys travelling and reading


General Secretary
June is a PhD student and has been involved with her ISoc and FOSIS for many years as she has a great passion in helping to develop Muslim students in an important stage of their life (whilst they are at university). As national General Secretary she oversees the whole of FOSIS, making sure there is effective communication across the organisation and that things get done! In the very little spare time she does have she enjoys reading and running to keep healthy!

Tajwar Choudhury

South Chair
Tajwar Choudhury is a PhD student in Machine Learning at the University of Southampton, where prior to becoming the South Chair on the NEC he was President of the ISoc for two years. His main focus within ISoc was to establish solid and consistent tarbeeyah for the students. He wishes to support ISocs with providing tarbeeyah such that their members will leave university better equipped to lead their communities. In his free time he enjoys keeping fit and working on his car.

Jakir Ahmed

London Chair
Jakir - London Chair
Jakir is currently in his 4th year of Medicine at UCL. His own ISoc had a transformative effect on his life and he benefited a lot from the brothers senior to him within the community. He too hopes that every Muslim student gets a similar life changing experience and insha’Allah can contribute to this through his role in FOSIS.

Abdullah Imran

Wales & West Chair
Abdullah - Wales&West Chair
Abdullah is currently training to become an architect at the University of Bath. With experience in his ISoc committee as well as in the previous regional team, Abdullah hopes that his term as Chair can see renewed bonds and returned vibrancy into a region with a lot of potential. As an amateur artist, he often comes across as unnecessarily abstract or indirect, and so if you catch him, don’t be afraid to let him know!

Mahnoor Rao

Midlands Chair
Mahnoor is a final year Policy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Birmingham. Her joining Team FOSIS was a decision driven by gratitude and a want to please Allah SWT through acts of good. She personally benefited from FOSIS support via her ISoc throughout her years at university and started out by helping with Marketing in Annual Conferences, BADG and joining the Midlands team as an ISoc officer before becoming Chair. Over the years she’s also been part of developing various Alumni Network projects as well as an Islamic Mentoring scheme. She believes that the work FOSIS do to develop, empower and advocate for Muslim students is vital with a lot of potential to benefit many in a truly transformative way. She enjoys Photography and capturing moments of reality filled with Allah’s blessings whenever she can.

Abdulahad Khan

North Chair
Abdulahad - North Chair
Abdulahad studied Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds where he found a family among the Muslim community on campus on his very first day. This set him on a new journey, one of service to others and personal spiritual growth. Since joining FOSIS he has worked within the Conferences team and more recently has spent 2 years on the North team developing his understanding of the needs of Muslim students. Now he aims to continue developing the groundworks set by his predecessors in the North and, with the aid of his team, provide a source of inspiration, support and sincere guidance for all Muslims and ISocs in the region. He requests your du’aas to successfully carry out his responsibility. In his spare time he enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. He occasionally dabbles in learning new practical yet often unrelated skills.

Yousra Belattar

Scotland Chair
Yousra is a Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Glasgow. Previously vice-sister of FOSIS Scotland and the current Chair. Her role includes representing the Scottish region on the NEC, empowering Muslim students in Scotland and leading the regional team. FOSIS was a part of her life from a very young age, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to give something back. Her interests include hiking, philosophy and cats!

Najim Abdallah

Ireland Chair
Najim - Ireland Chair
Najim is in his third year of Biotechnology at Dublin City University. He has gained valuable experience as Vice chair of his ISoc at DCU and wanting to help more Muslim Students decided to join FOSIS. He is also part of the newly founded Charity Week team in Ireland as an enthusiastic Ambassador, enjoys gaming, football and basketball. Feeling inspired, Najim is passionate to support all the ISocs around Ireland while learning and growing from everyone he has the pleasure of working with.

Board of Directors

Ijlal Khalid

Abdelrahman Rizk

Ameen Umarjee

Monawara Gani

Jamal Elshayyal

Farouk Miah

AbdulRahman Mahamoud

Safia Muhyiddin

Muna Ali

Enam Ahmod