Meet The Committee

Elected to serve Muslim students across the UK & Ireland, our National Executive Committee works hard to ensure you get the best support all year around. Made up of a diverse range of students, they are the cream of the crop who are all enthusiasts for change.



Enam Ahmod is a doctor working in Basildon Hospital, having graduated from Kings College London with an additional MSc in Global Health from the London School of Economics. He is active in university-based projects, previously serving as a Head brother at King’s College London Islamic society, a former director of faith-based humanitarian project Students4Syria and also involved in local youth activities with the Muslim Youth Network. He is passionate about education, community empowerment and leadership, hoping to combine the three in both his professional and extra-curricular endeavours.


General secretary

Hafsa works full time as a dentist and joined FOSIS at the start of 2020. Her journey in the world of Muslim student activism began in 2015, partaking in a multitude of roles in academic, charitable and religious organisations at university, including being the secretary of her Islamic Society. She currently also holds an active position in the international Islamic Relief project, Charity Week. Being general secretary in FOSIS plays to her strengths (and her love for spreadsheets) – working to ensure the smooth running of the FOSIS team!


VP of Higher Education
Ijlal is responsible for all of our work in the wider Higher Education sector; specifically with Regions and Islamic Societies. His undergraduate degree was in International Relations & Development Studies and his Masters is in Global Political Economy. Currently, he is a full-time Sabbatical Officer and Trustee at his Students’ Union. He truly believes that through our work in FOSIS we can develop ISocs and nurture the next generation of Allah-conscious Muslim students.


VP of Further education
Ayah Benberna is working full time at Middlesex University as the Student Engagement and Advocacy Assistant. Being exposed to ISoc activities in college, she couldn’t wait to get involved with her Isoc at her University. She first joined the Muslim student scene in 2015 as a volunteer in her Isoc. She then became the Isoc President in 2017 and the President of Middlesex Students Union for 2018/2019. Her role as the Vice President of Further Education is extremely close to her heart as she wishes everyone to have the experience and flexibility to express her faith proudly. She can not wait to change the way FOSIS FE works and see many students in FE benefit.


VP of Student Affairs

Ayo is a clinical medical student at University College London and he has been in FOSIS since mid 2019. Ayo is the Vice President of Student Affairs which means he overlooks political issues pertaining to Muslim Students. Through this role, he hopes to create unity between Muslim students of different backgrounds in order to work towards a principled form of justice on our campuses and in wider society. In his spare time, he reads books on politics, history and Islam.


student Engagement officer
Saba-Ikhlas Malik is a medical student currently studying in London. She is passionate about the self-development of young Muslims and has a special interest in mental health work.


London Chair
Zaheer Badat is a Medic currently in his 4th year at UCL. Having benefited first hand from his own ISoc and its community, Zaheer hopes to support other ISocs across London in providing Muslim students with a transformative journey whilst at university. When not watching doctors save lives in clinics, Zaheer can likely be found in the lower floors of UCL’s Student Centre, attempting to be a productive student.


Scotland chair
Naairah is a Chemistry graduate from the University of Glasgow and is working towards a career in academia. Her research focuses on sustainable energy technologies. Naairah is currently serving as the FOSIS Scotland Chair, and she has previously played an active role in university-based initiatives, ranging from ISoc projects to STEM outreach. Alongside her degree, she has furthered her Islamic studies via the iSyllabus courses. Naairah is passionate about educating and empowering the youth, and she hopes to continue promoting this in all her endeavours.


Midlands Chair
Lyla is a Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Leicester who joined the Muslim youth activism scene from the age of 14. Lyla has enjoyed volunteering with many projects and organisations such as Human Appeal and Charity week. When she joined university, she wanted to grow and develop with a society she loves and became the president of her ISoc in her second year. She was first exposed to FOSIS in her first year of university where she met her friends and from then on has not stopped loving the organisation. Lyla has grown many skills over the last few years which have helped her to reach her position of Midlands chair and she hopes to use all the skills that she has learnt to develop the leaders of tomorrow.


Ireland Chair
Ibrahim is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems at Cork Institute of Technology. In 2018, Ibrahim was awarded the CIT Volunteer Abroad Scholarship and has been volunteering ever since. He is passionate about helping Muslim students and is focussed on positively impacting the ISOCs through FOSIS. This year, Ibrahim is building on last year’s work and hopes to inspire the next generation of Muslim leaders.


Wales Chair
Abdullah is a medical student from Cardiff. He has had an active role with ISocs in the region and currently serves as chair for the Wales & West team. In his free time he enjoys reading and cycling.


South Chair
Kamillia is a Neuroscience PhD student, looking to understand the processes behind diseases such as Alzheimer’s. As South Chair, Kamillia oversees ISocs in the region and wants to support and develop them into becoming the best they can be! Kamillia also works as a BAME Ambassador at her University which aims to address and fight the institutional racism in university spaces which disadvantages students from Black, Asian and Ethnic minorities. In the very little spare time she does have, Kamillia enjoys baking!



Iffat is a medical student at Lancaster university, and currently holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from St George’s University of London (SGUL). She first joined FOSIS as an ISOC rep in 2017, and had the chance to engage with many Islamic Societies and help develop them. Iffat was also the lead for SGUL Outreach (iProjects), is currently an active member of the Charity Week North team and involved in her own ISOC at Lancaster. 
Iffat hopes to develop her skills as a lead, to be able to to unite the North ISOCs and deliver the services that they need. Additionally she hopes to create a strong regional team who develop in their journey through FOSIS spiritually, whilst becoming confident and inspiring role models for their ISOCs.

Board of Directors

Enam Ahmod

Mohamed Fadil

Abdelrahman Rizk

Ameen Umarjee

Ijlal Khalid

Ayo Olatunji

Ayah Benberna