From Saturday 29th June 1963 to today, FOSIS as an organisation has achieved some incredible milestones. We are proud of our history and continue use it to inspire us a body that caters for the needs of Muslim students in further and higher education across the UK and Ireland.


The following is a timeline of the key moments from the history of FOSIS.

1963 FOSIS was established
1964 Malcolm X is invited and hosted by FOSIS at the University of Manchester
1970 FOSIS Publication: “The Muslim” amongst many others produced
1972 FOSIS Hostel opened in Kilburn, London
1986 Shaykh Ahmed Deedat speaks atthe 23rd Winter Conference
2005 “The Muslim Student Survey” report into the attitudes and perceptions of Muslim students following 7/7 London attacks
2008 A critique of the Centre for Social Cohesion’s ‘Islam on Campus’ report produced
2012 First Qur’an Camp
2016 Malia Bouattia, first Muslim president of National Union of Students