and West

This is the only FOSIS region that goes across two countries, bringing the Welsh and English together in a corner of the UK.
Despite being most associated with fire breathing dragons and sheep, the Wales & West bunch are extremely welcoming and some of the nicest people you'll meet on the student scene.
This region has seen the launch some of the best campaigns in FOSIS, such as Wake up 4 Fajr, that were then taken up nationally by the rest of the organisation.
It also famously held one of the most memorable FOSIS Annual Conference in recent history - the 48th annual conference in 2011.


Safiah Afifi

Vice Chair
Firdusi (Emmi) Khan

Vice Chair
Masroor Unar

Communications Officer
Umber Khan

Student Affairs
Ashfath Ifham

Head of Finance
Mohammad Lone

General Secretary
Nadia Al-Affan