FOSIS Midlands

There is a reason why they call it Midlands Shareef...

Arguably, the loudest region with some of the oldest ISOCs in the country.

The Midlands, due to their great location and easy access, have hosted A LOT of national conferences over the years.

Birmingham, situated within the heart of the region, was also the city in which FOSIS was founded - so this region will always have a special place in the FOSIS family.


Yasmine Oumellil

Vice Chair Brother
Zeeshan Khan

Vice Chair Sister
Sadia Mustufa

Deputy Vice Chair Sister
Rubine parveen

Deputy Vice Chair Brother
Zain Raja

Services rep
Hassan Muhamed

General secretary
Govan Rashid

Colleges Rep
Nabila Al-Himyari

Aaisha Iqbal

Finance Rep
Abdul Rashid

Campaigns Rep
Sanna Akram

Communications Rep
Fozia Barati

Deputy SAC Rep
Lipa Lucky

Omer El-Hassan