Productivity Workshop

Productivity Workshop

To all FE students at college/Sixth Form! FOSIS FE would like to invite you to a productivity workshop taking place on the 12th of June at 2pm! With exam season quickly ending, we understand the importance of staying focused and productive. As the engagement team within FOSIS FE, we are here to equip you with the relevant tools to stay committed and consistent to developing productive habits ensuring you obtain the best results within and out of exam season!

From the findings in our scheduled 1 2 1’s, we have noticed a lot of our members have been struggling with productivity and we are very happy to announce the speaker of this workshop: full time professional and Ustadh Hisham Jafar Ali.

Hisham Jafar Ali is a Muslim Chaplain at the University of Nottingham and the founding director of Roots Academy, an organisation that delivers bite-sized and structured online courses for university students and professionals.

Hisham is a student, teacher and speaker. Having studied the Islamic Sciences in the UAE, he received traditional licenses from a number of scholars before continuing his studies at Al Azhar University, Cairo. Having held leadership positions in Islamic organisations and Islamic societies, he continues to teach nationally to develop a new generation of Muslim leaders deep-rooted in their faith, as well as in tune with their contexts.

The purpose of the workshop is to upskill our affiliated ISoc’s and the wider FE Muslim student population in achieving their goals and desired grades, by learning and applying these proven to be successful techniques. The other great thing about this workshop is that these skills will come in handy throughout your career and working life!

The event will take place online but will still be interactive, we also encourage that you have your cameras on during the event. The workshop details will take place on zoom, which will be sent out to participants a few days in advance.

If you are interested in attending please fill out the following form

We look forward to seeing you there!