Unifying Muslim students and providing opportunity for growth is always part of the FOSIS calendar. Our national projects bring together great networks of Muslim students, world class speakers and causes that call to the heart of students across the nation.

Roots of The Righteous

The Annual Conference is the biggest gathering of Muslim students from across the UK and Ireland who all come together for a spiritually uplifting weekend of talks, workshops, networking and some good food 🤗

This conference is a journey to begin to understand the true meaning of a righteous believer. The Prophet (pbuh) said:

"The best amongst you are those that have the best manners and character" (Bukhari)

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Winter Conference '18

The winter conference this year is taking place on the 14th-16th of December at The University of Sheffield. Speakers this year includes Lauren Booth, Hisham Jafar Ali and Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim! Workshops and talks include: Who is the Healer; Reclaiming your Heart; The Heart- A Reflection of the Soul; Contentment: The Greatest Gift; Textbooks, Temptations and Tribulations; The 'Greatest Surah' in the Quran; Conquer, Purify, Revive; Leadership Lessons from the Quran and more!
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FOSIS Annual Conference 2018

The largest gathering of Muslim students around the UK and Ireland.

Since it's inception in 1963, FOSIS Conferences have hosted some of the greatest speakers of our time including Ahmed Deedat and Malcolm X, bringing together generations of Muslim leaders.
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The Qur’an plays a crucial role in the development of Muslims leaders, allowing for the purification of the soul and the overall development of the Muslim.

The Quran Camp is an opportunity to take a break from the busy realities of life and dedicate a weekend to spiritual growth.

The Camp is a space to learn from some of the best Ulema across the world, strengthening brotherhood and sisterhood as well as providing practical advice to improve our connection to Allah in life.

believe and
do good

Believe and Do Good (BADG) is a competition of compassion.

Every February, Muslim youth of Britain gather in selflessness with fellow campus folk to give something back to their communities.

That selflessness stops at the fact that they’ll be competing with one another by taking to the streets to do good!


The aim of this years conference is to shed light and explore the significance of the Balfour Declaration, 1917 and Britain’s role in the Palestinian struggle.

This conference will give you a new perspective to the campaign. From keynote speeches delivered by renowned speakers to panel discussions which will allow you to interact and nurture an understanding of the current situation in Palestine. You will also have the unique opportunity to undergo various workshops which will be delivered by professionals who have been in the campaigning field for decades.