Secretary: Zainab Khan


My name is Zainab Khan and I currently study English Literature at an Undergraduate Level. As someone who loves to read and strongly believes in the written word you’d think I’d be better at writing my own bio but… Nope. I’m currently the General Secretary for the NEC, a job which involves silently taking notes on what everyone says and filing them away for the future (#Receipts).

I joined FOSIS during my second year at university, and it was definitely one of the better decisions I made (RIP blue hair and tweed, gone but unfortunately never forgotten). FOSIS was and still is unlike any other Muslim organisation I’ve ever interacted with, as it gave me a space to air my opinions and develop myself, as well as connecting me to young, dynamic Muslims passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of Muslim students.

In my spare time I enjoy music, reading, and ignoring various different responsibilities until I feel guilty enough to do them. I’m known for being terrible with names and getting myself into unusual situations; one of which culminated with me ending up in a Bollywood film.

Zainab Khan