President and VPs

VP Training & Human Resources: Marwan Akari

University College Dublin

Asalamulakum 🙂

My name is Marwan Akari, an​ Irish ​man​ if you weren’t able to tell already and originally from Libya​. I’ve been involved in Islamic society life since I started studying Structural Engineering at University College Dublin. I am currently your VP, tasked with the HR and Training of all of our wonderful Team FOSIS volunteers, and previously I was the Irish Chairperson.

I enjoy reading, procrastinating and pronouncing “car” amongst other words​ correctly contrary to what any Englishmen will claim, I would say I also enjoy travel but after 30 flights in 6 months I’m gonna hold off on that one.

Do get in contact if you have any questions about FOSIS or if you want to get involved in any way 🙂