President and VPs

VP ISCC: Osama Zubair

University of Kent
Asalamu alaikum,
​My name is Osama Zubair and I’m the Vice President of Islamic Societies Coordination Committee, also know as VP ISCC. I’m responsible for overseeing and training the seven regional committees. ​I studied electronic engineering from the University of Kent (class of 2016), where I got tied up with the ISoc. There’s one thing you should know about ISocs, you don’t choose the ISoc life. The ISoc life chooses you. And it engraves a mark upon you. No one leaves their ISoc the same person as they entered.
Outside of FOSIS I like to read about history and politics, play sports and I’m obsessed with martial arts. Also, I neither accept nor deny any rumours you may hear of ties to a Mexican cartel.