National Heads

Head of Member Relations: Fawaz Lone

DeMontfort University

Asalaam Alaykum, my name is Fawaz Lone, proud Londoner, but joined the FOSIS hype in the Midlands alhamdulillah! #RoadmanReigon

Recent International Business and Globalisation graduate from De Montfort University in Leicester, Currently doing what most recent graduates do figuring out what to do in life pretending that I get paid for FOSIS.

For those who know me, I practically live in my car, sleeping bag, a wardrobe you name it I got it in my boot, I’m an avid traveller and enjoy long drives! I also enjoy long walks on the beach with Sayem and Seebo!
I am the current Head of Members Relations, hoping to bring you guys the best conferences ever insha’Allah! #JoinTheHype